Oblate Sisters of Providence

Baltimore, Maryland

Providing Education and Service to all for over

189 Years

Oblate Sisters of Providence Credal Statements

We, the Oblate Sisters of Providence, having discerned the Gospel origins of our Congregation, and after profound reflection on our founding and our history, declare the following as our most cherished beliefs: 

     We believe as did our Foundress Mother Mary Lange, OSP, and our Founder Reverend James Nicholas Hector Joubert, SS, that God provided, does provide and will provide.

     We believe as an African American Congregation of multicultural women religious, we are a unique and visible testimony of the Church and a constant challenge to its authenticity to be the voice of Jesus Christ to all people.

     We believe we are called to be radically transformed in order to face the challenges of confronting society and the church.

      We believe in the prophetic role we must fulfill in our day to expose and to overcome every form of racism which continues to divide our society and our church and injure our families.

     We believe the suffering that has been intrinsic to our Congregation from its beginning enables us to reach out to others with tenderness and compassion.

     We believe our Oblate vocation calls and enables us to embrace all people equally with dignity and respect, free from any form of prejudice, discrimination or distrust.

     We believe we are guided by the Holy Spirit to see Christ in each person, thus liberating, educating, and healing all, especially youth, the aged and the poor.

Mother Lange Guild