Oblate Sisters of Providence

Baltimore, Maryland

Providing Education and Service to all for over

189 Years

By Sharon C. Knecht
In the spring of 1828 four women of African  descent began a women religious order in Baltimore, Maryland. With God's blessing, and the support of thousands who believed in their vision, the Oblate Sisters of Providence became the first sustained order of women religious of African descent in the world.

The Oblate Sisters of Providence are pleased to announce the publication 
of Oblate Sisters of Providence: A Pictorial History. The story of the Oblate Sisters of Providence is told through 144 pages containing over 250 historic photographs ​collected and kept by the Sisters. It is a remarkable story: full of purpose, community, joy, hardship, and most of all faith.

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Persons of Color and Religious at the Same Time 
The Oblate Sisters of Providence 1828-1860
by Dr. Diane Batts Morrow 

2002 Leticia Woods Brown Publication Prize for the best book in Black     Women's History from the Association of Black Women Historians

2004 Distinguished Book Award from the Conference on Women Religious


"A must read for all those interested in the history of the Oblate Sisters of Providence." Sharon Knecht, author and OSP archivist

Soft Cover  $25.00

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