Oblate Sisters of Providence

Baltimore, Maryland

Providing Education and Service to all for over

189 Years

How to conduct research at the Oblate Sisters of Providence Archives

1.     Each researcher must fill out a research application and submit the form for approval prior to obtaining a research         
        appointment. The form asks for identity and contact information on the researcher, and subject and purpose of the
        research. Please read and sign the use policy on the application form before submission.  In order to obtain a research
        application form please call the archives at 410-242-1603 or email at osparchives@oblatesisters.com. 

2.     Once the form has been submitted, each researcher must obtain permission to use the archives from the OSP Archivist          or the OSP Archives Director. Appointments are available from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday through Friday.

3.     The use of certain documents may be restricted by statute, office, origin or by request of the donor. The researcher       

        may quote from these documents only with the permission of the archivist or archives director and with due reference
        to the source.  For example, Oblate Sisters of Providence Archives, Baltimore, Maryland

4.     As a general rule, no letter, document or memorandum written by a person still living may be quoted, paraphased or

        used in any way without the consent of the author.

5.    The researcher must assume full responsibility for conforming to the laws of libel and literary property rights, which

        may be involved in the use of manuscripts and other archival materials.

6.    Researchers must obtain permission from the archivist before publishing an article or book based on and using     

       materials from the Oblate Sisters of Providence Archives.

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